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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Carpet Estimate Will Be Ready Tonight-

Expect to hear a loud howling sound coming from my wallet. As I mentioned before, we picked out a carpet style from Home Depot. Yesterday the measuring guy came to the house and did his part. The estimator person, who receives the measurements by fax from the measuring guy is supposed to call with the cost this afternoon. To be eligible for the 10% discount, I've got to order the carpet by Thursday.

I'm trying to get this carpet installed without increasing my debt load, which means I'll be writing a check for the entire job and paying for it with my VA payment that is supposed to be paying for next term's tuition. Which is all good and I'll be happy to have the work done and no new debt involved.

As for wallets, the BSU's is missing and she is getting frantic about it. She doesn't use it everyday so sometimes it sits for days at a time. But now she wants it and can't find it. She's looked in all the usual suspect places, I've searched the truck, to no avail. Last night, just about bed time, son Noah reminded us of Dog Sandy's predilection for stealing almost anything and hauling it through the doggie door and into the back yard... Hmm. That dog is a thieving little crook.

I did go out in the dark and had a look around but the effort was pretty futile. Now its up to the BSU to go out there in today's (barely) light and look on her own. Since there's a couple inches of snow on the ground, I suggested that she will need to drag a leaf rake around to see if she can unearth her wallet.

Busy today, so this may be all my posting. We'll see.

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